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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's up with me now?

So as the off season begins and my training focus is back to Base training, I needed to look at a lot of things and figure out what I needed to do to make some positive changes in my triathlon and racing front. I recently read a post from Mary Ironmatron and she is spot on regarding some of things she needs to do to make advances in her performance, so I thought I would share some of mine.

1. Diet, huge, very big hurdle for me. I normally eat very well but have always struggled with the up and downs of my blood sugar and cravings that happen during the day and night because I've worked out a ton and not eaten enough or not eaten enough of the right foods to prevent my ravenous episodes and thus my binging on the wrong foods. WE've all been there but its kept my weight at a steady 140-143lbs for 3 years with the occasionally dip into the high 130's if I weigh myself after a really hard workout and I've lost a ton of water. That still counts right? Anyway, I tried following the Core diet last year, it was good, its pretty similar to the clean eating lifestyle that I'm doing now, I don't know really why I didn't continue it after a few months but I seemed to always make excuses as to why I could have more peanut butter or have my wine or whatever, it didn't seem to me that I was 100% committed to making the change and that has to happen for it to be successful. I'm not saying the core diet cant be successful for me I'm sure it would but I decided to try eating clean to see if it would lean me out, the core doesn't really do that per se.

I am a very muscular woman who could lose a few pounds but once I get down 5-10lbs its really hard for me to stay there because I workout a lot and I need food and I need to have a diet that works for my lifestyle and for me. Eating clean for the past week and a half has been great but its boring right now because I'm shocking the system, it will get better in a week when I can add more flavor and more spices and fruit,etc.. to the mix but its not helping the workouts because I don't have a ton of energy left especially if I have to do two workouts in one day. This will change but right now I'm certainly unable to maximize my efforts because of the lack of sugar. Today I had to gulp down some OJ right quick before I passed out from a run, I need to do things a bit differently to prevent this in the future, however, I've lost 5lbs and I'm seeing some definite changes in my muscle definition so hopefully this will be good.

2. Strength training- I've been doing this power class on Mon and WEd for an hour which is very intense, it involves circuits that use everything from free weights, kettle balls, bosu's, physio balls, ladder running, doing sprints, inch worms, tons of core work, working with partners throwing medicine balls, etc.. Its crazy hard and at times your HR is at threshold. I usually bike for 30 minutes before class to warm up and then by the end I'm usually completely spent. Its some of the toughest stuff I've done. However, I am realizing that I am not recruiting various muscles when I need them like my glutes and hamstrings, my left side is significantly weaker than my right, my core definitely needs more work, etc.. The trainer really knows how to push everyone and makes sure everyones form is spot on.

Now this class right now impacts some of the other things I need to do for tri training because my strength is lacking, but overtime this will change and hopefully with leaning my body out and losing body fat, getting stronger and recruiting muscles that I've never used before or not used correctly while swimming, biking or running, I will become faster. This is my hope.

3. Form- I will continue to work on my form in the pool, the bike and on my run. I will continue to try to improve on all my mechanics so I can become faster and perform more efficiently and prevent injury.

4. I am going to continue to work on my mental game and working on improving my thoughts and whats going on in my head before/during and after a race. Racing is supposed to be fun in the end and if it isn't I shouldn't be doing it.

I am psyched to go forward with my new plan, I want my left heal to get better faster, I want it 100% but in time it will, I need patience.

Here we go..........

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