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Sunday, September 25, 2011

syracuse 70.3 race report and random other stuff

My race report will be quick regarding Syracuse 70.3, as I've mentioned in previous race reports and over the last 3 months I am a work in progress. Over the past 8 months, I've worked countless hours with my non-profit, bought and sold a house and lived in my mother in laws house, had to deal with moving mostly on my own while our new home wasn't quite ready, etc....

Training has changed as I switched coaches, so all of that being said this season has been slim pickings, ( 3 tri's in total since IMLP 2010) huge learning curve and whatever I could do with training at whatever god forsaken time I could get it in. Life is starting to slow down a bit, the kids are getting settled into school so as my final race is coming near ( newburyport 1/2 marathon) in late October I am starting to focus on next year.

A brief note, I am not participating in IM Arizona this November as previously hoped, with all my responsibilities over the last 8 months and with the new house being a bit overwhelming, my husband and I decided that he would prefer for me to focus on IM Mont Tremblant next August and just forgo this ironman as he would like to stabilize our homelife a bit since its been so crazy lately. I had a lot of trepidation with this decision initially but at the end of the day Family has to come first and if he feels this would stress him out and wouldn't be good for the family it was the right call to just back off and refocus on next season and looking at how I can improve on my fitness/body composition by race time next year. Oh well, it will have to be IM Arizona for 2013 I guess.

Anyhoo, PW and I have decided that we should end the season with a 1/2 marathon and then we would re-test and figure out some training numbers going into the winter. I'm looking forward to this and hopefully we can figure out a good race schedule that I can actually compete in next year to be successful at IMMT.

So in short, Syracuse 70.3 was a really fun race for me, for one, I got to race with my dear friend Maris who ( God Love her) drove all the way up and back to Syracuse, Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOu. It started out with us getting stuck in traffic on Friday and ending up in a not such good part of Albany, lets' just say, we decided to find a hotel and sleep the night instead of trudging ahead to Syracuse that night.

We ended up getting to the Holiday Inn in Syracuse by noon and checking in. Talk about a low key affair, my kind of race, not a ton of people and minimal vendors, it was great. We then checked into our room and drove the bike/run course. Well, lets just say we were in for a dandy of a day, both the bike and run were very challenging and with lots of hills, that being said the course looked absolutely beautiful and even though the forecast was for chilly weather it looked also to be sunny so pretty much ideal conditions.

We finally found a decent place to eat a late lunch and then we headed to the mall to try to find some disposal clothes we could wear to the swim start since the temps were going to be in the high 30's. It was so weird being at the Carousel Mall, I haven't been there since I went to school in Syracuse in the 90's, just crazy. Anyhoo, we got back to the hotel and we were in bed by 9:30p.

Having Maris to chat too and have fun with was amazing, never did I feel nervous or concerned, she made the time fly and I had such a good time I really didn't think of the race that much.

Race morning was uneventful, I let Maris sleep in, it was great that the race start was fairly close so we knew it was going to be cold so we held off going to the venue till we really needed to. Temp was 38 at the time.

Got to T1, got everything settled, got dressed, realized it was so cold my feet were so numb walking on the ground it was painful, we ended up standing in the water because it was warmer than standing on the sand. Funny how 62 degree water can feel warm when its 38 degrees out. My swim wave was going off before Maris was, I gave her a big hug and was off.

Swim-water was warm for me, had no feet to swim with, fog was going away but my sighting wasn't great, lots of people to swim through which was a bugger, I either really sucked at my sighting, my swim isn't back where it should be, too many people to swim through or the course was about 200yds too long, whichever, my swim was slow 33:15, 1st AG, that being said it just sucked seeing that time.

Long run to T1- I couldn't feel my feet, I couldn't get dressed I was so cold. 5min + in T1 crazy slow

Bike- well what can I say, I was supposed to Average 170 watts, I averaged 159 or 160 normalized, 17.8mph, stupidly slow, again, not being able to go over 220 watts and keeping my HR in complete check no higher than 136 is certainly a work in progress for me. The course was very challenging to say the least but oh well. I'll get back to my 20mph days next spring, I just need to work on my shifting and get more time back in the saddle. The key is to be able to run off the bike to your best ability so for right now, this is where I'm at.

T2- 2+ minutes, again too long, my left foot was still numb, it took a while to get it going. My HR monitor wasn't working so it just was giving me my paces.

Run- interesting, hard, decent hills and some good downhills. I definitely went out too fast, I was supposed to keep HR in check but because of the temps and most likely keeping my HR a bit lower because of it we were really looking at pacing, well, I felt so good coming out of T2 I ran my first loop with an 8:35 average, it definitely came back to bit me in the ass the second loop but really only on the two significant climbs, otherwise my flats and downhills were still in the 8:20-8:40 range. I ended up seeing and playing tag with #5 and 6 girl so it was a bummer that I couldn't catch them on the run, oh well. 8:53 average on a tough run course, I'll take it.

5:47 overall time, better than Providence, not my PR, that being said my PR was on a very flat course with a very short swim.

My fitness will only get better, my zones will only get faster, I'm believing in my self and liking to run. I miss being the killer on the bike I was for the last two seasons but that will come back and my run will only get better. I will need to do some more open water swimming next season as my sighting was terrible in both races and I believe it was because I didn't do any this season, just no time.

Life is good, my hubby and I just went away on a quick weekend trip to Bermuda which we haven't done in almost 7yrs ( just the two of us, no kids), it was amazing and we just had an amazing time. I was able to run there which was great but most of all we got to spend quality time together.

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to the up and coming races for my friends, Maris is doing IM Florida in November and a few of my friends are doing Kona in October. I am so psyched for PW doing Kona he is a true talen and I look forward to see how coachie will do.

Off for now. I promise to blog more often with whats going on with my training and all my other crazy try mom stuff.

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