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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ho Hum week

so there is really nothing too much to chat about this week, I had a funky week with regards to training, a little lack of motivation, a bit tired from the LP training weekend, the UTI, etc... and it doesn't help that the kids have less than a week left of school and both schools like to cram everything in on almost everyday possible that they can. Of course, I'm a room parent for two classes and I try to never miss any of my kids activities, so a lot of my workouts this week were done early morning, late at night, right before pick-up, you get my drift, and next week begins a little taper for the Patriot 1/2 ironman which is next Saturday. I'm really hoping to test my fitness on saturday and hope that I can be successful in each aspect of the race, especially the run. Of course, there are a million things to do next week for the kids so hopefully all my workouts will get in.

I have to say, even though the training for ironman or even a 1/2 ironman can be hard and time consuming the hardest part for me is the juggling, how can I fit "x" in when I have to do, 15 other things and make 5 other people happy at the same time. I'm going to look forward to not having to do that after IMLP, I mean I still have a few races left in the season after LP but the time committment wont be the same and the juggling won't be as critical. I'm kind of done with it.

Anyway, I'm looking for " MOJO" if someone finds it for me can you send it my way I'm going to need it for next Saturday.

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  1. Love the new blog look! I hear you...the last few weeks of school is nuts (we were done last week here)...and I have no idea how you juggle it with 4 kids, I only have 2! And, this working full time thing...haha. I felt the same way and then had my big race of the year on Sunday and now - besides work - I am like "um....ok....." ya know? It is like we are either too busy or too bored. I like bored but I get tired of juggling it all too - just like all of us moms.

    Good luck as you finish up your push into LP! Keep up the good work and will have a ton of time on your hands! LOL