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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What do you say at the 5hr mark to yourself?

AFter the Patriot 1/2 ironman last weekend it was back to work and getting in some more volume this week and next, especially on the bike. Before today I had already ridden 6hrs on the bike and I had 6hrs to do today. I got out fairly early and the temps were good, not too sunny but it got windy as the day progressed. I traveled to NH again and all around the NOrth Shore, it gets really lonely being on your bike for 6hrs by yourself you start talking to yourself. I can't tell you how many conversations I had today with myself, good/bad and ugly, but at not time did I want or need to get off my bike ( except to go to the BR and get some ice).

My problem is after about 3hrs I start to get really bored on the bike, even though the scenery today was really beautiful and the weather not so bad I just really don't want to ride anymore, especially when there isn't intervals to do or something completely structured, just a long ride, it just bores me. Since you can't ride with music it makes it even worse to try to keep yourself occupied and the mind going. At about the 5hr mark I just wanted the ride to be over, I wasn't especially tired but I was really bored, at least in ironman there will be lots of people around and people cheering, etc.. that it gives you a distraction. So I rode home with about 40 minutes left to my ride, put my bike on my trainer and watched soccer, it was great, my watts for over 40 minutes were in the 200's I felt good and I finished the 6hrs no problem.

No T- run scheduled today but a 21 mile run tomorrow. I am currently battling another case of laryngitis but except for a slightly sore throat and no voice I feel pretty well. Lets hope for a good nights sleep and a good run tomorrow.

p.s. I want to wish my good friend Mary " Good Luck" tomorrow as she races Ironman Couer d'lane in Idaho. This is her second ironman and she has a really good shot of doing very well in her age group and possibly getting a Kona Slot. Lets hope for good weather and great bike and run legs.

I also want to wish luck to all my friends racing the Cohasset Tri and the 13.1 1/2 marathon on Sunday, good luck guys.

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  1. Hi, I got here from Mary's blog. You have a pretty impressive story and great blog. I'll be back.