Preliminary Race Schedule 2015

Black Cat 20 miler March 2015
Boston Marathon April 2015
JCC sprint tri May 2015
B2B bike race/ride June 2015

? Musselman July or Lowell Olympic
? challenge Maine olympic in august
sprint or half September

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's been crazy around this place......

Life has just been crazy since Christmas around this house.
With all the snow storms and school snow days, the pneumonias, the flus, the stomach bugs, the stitches, the ER visits, the part-time non-profit job, the husband going away for ~ 12 days in January, lets just say mommy is a little bit stretched out. Did I also mention my dog getting diagnosed with terminal cancer, the wetting of multiple beds, the leaky windows, the burst water pipe that leaked into my kitchen and my washer and dryer smoking and not working ( did I say I do at least 10-15 loads of laundry a week). I've almost reached the end of my rope, I haven't even slept through the night in I don't know how long. I'm tired....

I feel bad my kids have had a tough winter with sicknesses, I love them to pieces but this has been really hard on everyone. Trying to keep 4 kids happy when they are sick at home, unable to go out is hard. We don't have computer games, DS's or anything like that, we try not to watch too much TV in this house so board games, playing outside, listening to music, reading and art projects are what we do. I am at my last rope with all of these and really don't want to see Clue, Yahtzee, air hockey, ping pong and indoor soccer/basketball for along time. If my 4 cherubs would actually get along things would be different but they really don't, at least not for prolong periods of time.

So what does this mean to me, well, my workouts are mostly getting done, I can't say they are great, I miss a few here and there because I'm just so dam tired, I know I can get out to the gym when my husband gets home at 7-7:30-p but usually I just want to go to bed at that time. I usually can get up in the wee hours of the morning to bike or run but when you don't get to sleep through the night waking up at 4am just isnt appealing and my treadmill broke so I don't have one right now to run on.

I know I'm bitching and with everything going around the world these days this is so trivial, I feel almost guilty writing it. However, I get so depressed and upset with myself when I cant get in what I need from the workout front and subsequently I get frustrated with my performances, even in training. I'm almost glad that my race was rescheduled yesterday because when I ran yesterday I felt like a piece of shit and I know I would of had a subpar day on the race course.

I try not to bitch, I try to be positive but its February for goodness sake and Tri season is right around the corner. I need a break, I need some healthy karma to come my way for my family. I need my kids to beable to go to school 5 days a week both for my sanity and for theirs, I need my training to become more consistent. I'm just saying.....

Anyway, heres to all the multitasking moms out there who actually "make" it work, can you shoot me a response and tell me how you do it?


  1. Now come on, you have something big to look forwrad to in April!

  2. Not that my days even compare to yours Donna. But I think the key is to give ourselves credit for what we are doing and not so much what we are not doing. It does get better as they get a little older. Keep smiling :)

  3. I am counting the days till April, I am so excited I can't wait. My husband asked me why I would take my only few days off a year and kill myself training, and I said, " because its what makes me happy".

  4. Donna,
    The days are getting longer, the sun is shining longer...and remember one should never apologize for their feelings. You feel what you feel.
    And in the words of my wise school teacher mom "When you come to the end of your rope, make a knot and hang on"! (well it's not her words, it was on a poster in my house)

  5. If any multitasking mom actually writes in and tells you how she's doing it, I may have to bop her on the head. Sick kids are the worst--it feels like it will never end. But it will. Hang in there!

  6. Not a mom yet....but I think you are doing a pretty amazing job!! Kudos for getting your worksout in with all that!!