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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bike Class and other tidbits.......

My new favorite quote from Richard Quick who was the Stanford and Auburn swim coach is:

To me, a goal is what you are going to accomplish, It's not what you hope to accomplish, or wish you could do, or what you dream about.

So since I'm traveling to North Carolina this thursday I did my trainer bike class with coachie this morning at 6am. So hard to motivate and get the blood flowing for such a tough class that early but it had to be done. Thank goodness my sitter said she would come early so I could get my workout in and Phil could go to work, the things we do in the name of a good workout. So the class went like this:

good warmup of about 10-15 minutes at intensive zone pace- 145-150 watts

single leg drills 4 x 30 seconds each leg f/b 30 seconds both leg- at intensive wattage keeping cadence at 85 or above

4 min ramp up- starting at steady state wattage- 175 watts and building up to vo2 max by the last 15 seconds- 275 watts-280watts

The Main Set: 2 x through

1 min 30 seconds: at mid range vo2 max with last 30 seconds at high end vo2 max 250-255 watts finishing at 275 watts

45 second recovery

1 min 30 seconds: mid range vo2 max, last 30 seconds at high end vo2 max

45 second recovery

4 minutes at mid range tempo ( 220 watts) with 1-2 minutes of mid range v02 max thrown in ( 255 watts)

45 second recovery

4 x 30 seconds of 100% v02 max with 15 seconds of recovery in between intervals

3 minute recovery and repeat set

I felt tired today but I hit all my intervals and my watts, my second interval was much better, not as much lactic acid to move around in the legs and I was able to push 280-303 watts for the last four 30 second intervals. I still have lots of work to do but all in all it went well.
After that it was a 4 mile run f/b some resistance training and physical therapy.

I am off to NC this thursday and can't wait to learn more about my sport and the intricacies around how we all train. I get to finally meet Mary the IronMatron who I hope to learn a ton from and talk about her new adventures with her new coaching business. My friend Ali will be joining me in NC and we get to share a room together which will be soo much fun, I miss her since she moved to Boston.

Anyway, hopefully the weather will work out and we will get to go see the Lion King tonight, its getting pretty bad out right now.

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  1. I hope NC is fun!!! I wish I was there! give Mary a hug for me. :) Were youa swimmer? I love Richard Quick and was coached by him at a swim camp when I was a kid. Great job on your bike workout!!