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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interval Bike Workout #4 with Coachie, it Rocked!!!!!!

Okay, after only doing some resistance training this morning, I got to have some fun with my 6yr old all day so my legs were pretty fresh for my class tonight. The class was going to be a bit less intense then last week but had a good 22 minutes in the middle of some above tempo work with some Vo2max thrown in for shits and giggles, here is the class structure and my wattages:

Warm up for me in intensive zone - 146 watts for about 15 minutes

single leg drills 4 minutes total, 30 seconds one leg, 30 seconds both

ramp up for 3 minutes starting at steady state and building to vo2max by last 20-30 seconds 186 watts-275 watts

Recover 3 minutes

Main Set
1 minute at 100 % vo2 max- 275 watts - hit it on the nose
1 minute recover
2 minutes at 96% of my vo2 max- 261watts- on again
2 minute recover
3 minutes at 96% vo2 max-258 watts right on again
3 minutes recover

10 minutes of being no less then low end of tempo 210 watts for me and adding in 3 minutes total of 96% of my Vo2 max 258-265 watts. It worked out at holding 2 minutes at 211 watts, then 30 seconds at 260watts, 1 minute at 215watts, 30 seconds at 265, etc.......

I felt great during this set, the 215 felt so doable, not hard, keeping my cadence at around 94, I hit every Vo2 max with no problem. Coachie said if by 7 minutes we were feeling frisky we could bump up our tempo watts to mid range so I upped it to 225-230 watts, the last minute I averaged 275-300 watts. So psyched to have my legs back. It was great. Total average watts for my ten minute segment was 228 watts, HR average of 166.

3 minute recovery

3 minutes at 96% Vo2 max-265 watts
3 minute recovery

2minutes at 96% Vo2 max-265 watts
2 minute recovery

1 minute at 100% of Vo2 max, averaged 310 watts, cadence of 94, HR max of 171

I felt awesome, so great, worked hard but could of worked harder. I loved it, I wanted to do more. I love when workouts are successful and you feel good, the men in the group were working hard and not talking, its fun to be the only girl and kicking ass. Yeah..... Another one in the bank. Thanks coach.

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  1. oh yeah...that IS the best kind of workout! Great job nailing it! and with the men next to you wokring that. I don't train w/ watts (yet) but those numbers look Impressive! GREAT job