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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swimming/Hill repeats and Kellens 8th Birthday..

Today was a long day and it started out with only 2800 yards of swimming with a 1000yd time trial thrown in for giggles. Why can't coachie just round up to 3000 I have such a hard time not doing at least 3000, I do what he says, but I think about it all day and it drives me nuts, something about numbers. Anyway, after the swim it was a small drive to find the only 2+ minute steep hill I could find and do it 8 times, running a nice 2 mile warm up before hand with strides after and then a ten minute cool down after. I do have to say the first hill repeat had me thinking, " no way am I going to finish this thing, I'm tired", but with each repeat I felt better and got a bit farther up the hill by the 2 minute mark, by #7 and #8 I kept the same pace and didn't make it further but I felt successful enough.

After all said and done, stinky and no shower, it was pick up time and going to the "Roller Palace" for an afternoon party for one of my kids schools. After one of my children devoured 6 slices of pizza ( a parent told me) multiple bottles of water, an airhead and popcorn-good lord, it was time to pick up the other two from school and go to swim practice. AFter practice it was off to pick up my sons cupcakes for school tomorrow ( its his 8th birthday tomorrow), grocery shopping and then come home and help with homework, baths and reading. Whewwwwwwww.

I'm looking forward to just a bit of resistance training in the morning and hanging out with my 6 year old who has the day off because of parent teacher conferences. I do have my trainer bike session with coachie tomorrow night so I don't get off that easy tomorrow but at least I can do some stuff during the day that I normally rush to do all afternoon.

Tomorrow my oldest turns 8, I can't believe 8 years ago on February 4th, 2002, ( yes to all you New Englanders my son was born right after Adam Vinatieri scored the winning field goal in the first Patriots superbowl. And yes, they shut the curtain on me and upped my epidural medication so they could watch the end of the game- even my hubby) but I digress, it was a mere few minutes after the winning field goal my son was born, happy mom, happy baby, happy hubby. So after Kellen Winslow my son was named ( I didn't know at the time) but the name stuck and now the name seems to be popping up all over the place. My son is amazing in so many ways and my life changed for the better after having him, its why we wanted more kids because we were so blessed with him. My little man is growing up and I'm allright with that because he's amazing........

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kellen! that's a cool name. My oldest turned 8 in August. :)
    I love your description of you day following the run... I hear you! haha!