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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rip Currents, be careful

So today my 8 year old son got caught up in a rip current, thank goodness daddy and another man were right there to help him but it was very scary for him and for us and my son finally realized that the ocean isn't something to trifle with. He got very tired very quick and if it weren't for Phil and the other man who know's what would of happened. for anyone who doesn't know what a rip current is, this is it:

Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of water flowing away from shore. They are the most common surf hazard leading to swimmer distress and potential rescue.

A rip current looks like:
1. a noticeable difference in water color
2. Gaps or flat sections in the waves breaking out in the water.
3. Foam, or objects, moving steadily seaward
4. A specific area of water that appears more turbulent than the surrounding water.

How to escape a rip current

1. The most important thing to remember if you are caught in a rip current is DO NOT PANIC.
2. You should attempt to swim parallel to the shore for about 25-50 yds or until out of the rip current, then swim at an angle toward the shore. Many people try to swim against a rip current, but this is DANGEROUS. If in danger, wave for help, relax and tread water.

Don't become a victim while trying to help someone else? Many people have died in efforts to rescue rip current victims.
1. Get help from a lifeguard
2. If a lifeguard is not present, yell instructions on how to escape.

My kids are very good swimmers and they have become too confident in the water, this truly scared my child and hopefully he will try not to do something he isn't capable of in the future. Thank goodness my husband was there as we always swim 1:1 in ocean conditions like this, but it was still eye openning.

Be safe in the water, no matter the ocean, lake, pond, pool, whatever, things can happen. The water is something you need to respect. Teach your children how to swim and be safe, educate them about water safety and everything that comes with it. it may save their lives in the future or the life of someone else.
3. If possible, throw the rip current victim something that floats.


  1. You have had one hell of a week. I am glad he is ok. Thanks for the advice on handling one. now come home where it is obviously safer!!! ;)