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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Newburyport 1/2 marathon

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Today was a good day, it was great to hear coach say, " Race Executed perfectly" pace and heart rate, still waiting on my grade but I think I may have gotten at least a B+ or A-, I'll keep you posted.

The Green Stride 1/2 marathon today had a beautiful course, some good hills with some good downhills, the weather was perfect, nice and cold with a slight wind and some sun, great day. If there was anything negative about the course it was that they only had water for 10+ miles and the water stops were about every 2 1/2 miles. I train with sports drink only and I make sure to drink pretty consistently, on a hot day this would not of been good for me, I was very lucky. Pre-race was uneventful, nutrition during race was spot on, I kept my pace were I felt most comfortable, I definitely felt a little struggle at mile 11 ( where on my garmin you'll see my slowest mile, 8:21, but there was a very long hill at that point as well), my HR was consistent in the low 160's but I was happy I could engage my heart at the end and get the last two miles up to 173. My last solo 1/2 marathon was in 2009 were I averaged 8:19 per mile and I felt like death over the last 3 miles, my pacing was completely off and my times were not consistent. ( Hyannis 1/2 2009), that course if very flat but it can be windy and cold. My final time was 1:48:59.

Today I did 1:46:03, Avg: 8:03 ( by my garmin, 8:06 on their timer), so 3 minute PR and if you look at my garmin file very consistent miles, I didn't cave at the end, I stayed strong and actually had some good miles for 12 and 13. I know I worked as hard as I could, I couldn't of done more than I did today so in the end I am happy.

PW was happy too, he noted to me that I executed a very good race. I'll take that from coach. Now on to making more improvements and moving on to a very successful 2012.

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