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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A whole new low, Kim Kardashian

Ok, Ok, this isn't my typical blog but I was so pissed off about this freaking information I needed to say my two cents, even though my two cents aren't worth anything.

First of all, I do like some reality TV but I don't like it as much as I did when the REal World started back about 20 years ago. Today, I think reality TV has just gone too far, the actors/actresses or contestants go to extremes to get TV coverage to get paid, etc... and we the American people continue to watch with then puts money in their pockets. I mention this with regards to a few shows out there, ( Jersey Shore, All of the Housewive shows-sorry people but this stuff is just bad, Tila Tequila, the Bachelor/bachelorette, Rock of Love , 19 and counting, Kate + 8, etc... Need I go on). One of the worst ones is 16 and pregnant.

Television producers wouldn't be putting out more reality shows if there wasn't money in it, and with the economy tanking and jobs at a minimum ( unless you go to North Dakota I hear where the oil is just flowing and 18,000 jobs are just waiting), people want to make fast money. I mean seriously, Pauly D from the Jersey Shore makes over $30,000 dollars to DJ at a club, Snooki gets more money to speak at a college graduation then Elizabeth Dole or Condeleza Rice, seriously, this is just sickening me.

Anyhoo, I will admit to watching some of these shows over the years, besides survivor I am not and have not ever been an avid watcher or any other real reality show since year 2 of the REal World. That being said, I had a soft spot for Kim Kardashian and I actually thought that after watching a few shows over the last 1 1/2 years she was nice, worked hard but otherwise nice. She isn't my favorite sister ( I like Khloe personally) but even Kim's spoiled like behavior and Diva ask needs she certainly didn't piss me off.

Now, what I will tell you is that I also too thought this romance was a bit awkward between her and Kris Humphries, it was so fast, so quick and where the hell did he really come from? Do you think that E Entertainment went searching for a mate for her? Do you think the guy from the Knicks was asked and he refused so they went to the Nets? Wouldn't this be absolutely crazy if this is actually true. Did Kris Kardashian put this into action, did everyone know including friends and family about the false wedding? Do you think people signed a confidentiality agreement before the wedding as to not disclose the true nature of the wedding? All the news coming out is saying that they never loved each other, they did this to promote their new reality series, Kim and Kourtney take NY. The other funky thing that has been flying on the internet is that Kris Humphreys wasn't liked by the public and TV didn't like him so Kris Kardashian fired him and so they just got rid of him, wrote him out of the reality series. Is this true? I'm not sure but with the NBA lockout I am sure the amount of money this bench warmer made during the 8+ months he has been with her and from the wedding he is set for quite sometime.

Now let me tell you one more thing about why I am so disgusted and why I chose to write about this stupid topic, I watched the first part of the wedding on E while riding my bike on my trainer ( see I did write about my workouts) and there was one scene that Kim Kardashian was with Bruce and she was crying while holding one of her dads shirts and she said that she was going to cut a piece from his shirt and put it in her dress and then she cried and was all emotional and then she brought Kris Humphreys to his grave, etc..... This was really touching and if this is all false which I believe it is I think it was an all time low, it just never should of gone that way.

I hope that reality TV takes a big hit from this and that people take notice that they are tired of being duped and don't want to see this shit anymore. No more Kardashians since we know what we see is mostly not true, no more bachelor or bachelorette-because they never get married anyway ( well 99% don't) and who wants to really see one girl kiss all those guys or a guy kiss all those girls unless its in an adult film) I mean its disgusting and stupid. I won't even walk down the Jersey Shore track, I mean watching the domestic abuse that occurred last year was so upsetting and that they continued to video it and nothing happened and no-one did anything about it,the alcoholism, the possible unprotected sex- this is crazy shit and kids are watching this and and saying, " I can make money doing this too".

Just one more reality show that is absolutely disgusting is " 16 and pregnant" Do you see all the girls in People magazine making money off of this, boob jobs, plastic surgery, more babies,drugs, etc... You think teenage girls around the country see easy money by just getting pregnant- NOT THE RIGHT MESSAGE TO BE SENDING THSE DAYS.

Anyhoo, I can tell you this, I will not watch E entertainment anymore, I'm bitter at Ryan Seacrest for producing the show and besides Survivor I will not watch any reality TV. I am mad and I hope something happens to the Kardashians, there has to be some consequence, some apology to the TV viewers for duping them to just make money, I don't know. Hopefully canceling of the show will send the right message.

Just my two cents... Whats yours.


  1. Ok, thank you for saying something about this. I've never watched a Kardashian show or more than 45 seconds of Jersey Shore. I watched Real World until they started having casts where all they ever did was sleep all day and go out drinking all night and bringing random people home. It infuriates me to see these kinds of people being "looked up to" and rich and famous simply for being idiots. Both Shnooki and Paris Hilton have books out. Who are the idiots buying them and giving them MORE money? Yet somewhere out there there are teens and twenty-somethings doing good things but struggling for money and nobody cares about them. I hate it!

    I'm with you, I hope this sham helps as a wake-up call to some of the idiots who think of it as "reality" and maybe they stop perpetuating their ridiculous shows and the mountains of cash they make because of them.

  2. i am a huge reality show fan (and mostly all of them are NJ based shows)... while they are called "reality" shows, in no way do i really believe they are real. i think both kim kardashian and kris humphries are media whores (i only caught one or two shows of the kardashians over the years) and am tired of hearing about them. what have they really done? she promotes sketchers...and they have a clothing line which looks trashy to me. anyway, im fully ready for the media to stop talking about it - who the fuck cares?!