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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I think I have may gone even lower.... Justin Bieber, really?

Ok, I don't have a ton to say on this topic but here is what I know.

1 year ago after one of his concerts at LA Staples Arena a bodyguard of his supposedly picked this lady out of the audience ( age- 19 at the time) and after his show they supposedly had sex that lasted 30 seconds. He was 16 at the time. Statuatory guidelines for the state of California is under the age of 18. She has given birth to a little boy, she has filed and placed a swoon affidavit in the court of law asking for a paternity test and child support.

My issues with this is a few:

1. She legally has stated that she was 19 and he was 16 and her lawyer did not advise her ( so it seems) that she could be charged with statutory rape, we've seen this locally with elementary teachers sleeping with their students, its gone both ways, female teachers going to prison and male teachers going to prison. Her defense was that " Bieber was the aggressor". So the fuck what, your 19, its against the law, your friggin screwed.

2. Why didn't you address it earlier ( if this were true). Why not go to the family in private, discuss with them the issues, I believe there is a way to test paternity while baby is in utero. Then possibly ( again if this is true) she wouldn't be convicted of statutory rape and things could be handled privately.

This is all just bizarre to me, everybody is up in arms in the media about this, can't believe that this could be true, why would this girl lie, " he's promoting youth and a proper up bringing", etc..... He's a friggin kid, he's a boy and if he had a chance to get laid and was ready what normal teenage boy ( typical) wouldn't do it. That being said, friggin stupid that he didn't wear a condom, stupid on his part and stupid on his bodyguards part ( again, if this is true)

Ok, enough of my stupid, crazy entertainment crap, back to doing 4 th load of laundry.

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  1. I just keep repeating to glad I dont have problems like this!!! Thats why I watch soaps :-P