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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Harry Potter Park/ Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, Post #2

So Post #2, Harry Potter Park at Islands of Adventure in Disney World. Ok, so just so that you know that Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is an amazing park that most people don't go to up until recently when Harry Potter was added. It is not on the park hopper passes, most hotel buses do not go there so you have to arrange for transportation and buy a separate ticket that is very costly, $159.00 pp if you want unlimited access to both parks for the day or $119.00 to beable to go to one park and then once you leave to go to the other you can't go back in (not a great option the $119 because if one park is really busy you want the ability to go back and forth, just my opinion)

Anyhoo, when decided to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure make sure you check which day the park has early park hours, for us it was wednesday and the park openned at 8am. Knowing that Harry Potter ( the main ride in the castle which is a simulator ride on a broomstick-amazing) didn't have a fast pass and if you go when its busy you could either wait 4-6hrs or not beable to get on at all. We decided to go on wednesday when the early hours were available and make sure we cooridinated a van to take us there by 7:45a so we could be in line at the entrance so we could get to the park before everyone else.

Do you know what that means, trying to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door to the bus by 7:20am and ready to go, it was crazy but absolutely worth it. When we got to the park and were let in at 8am we knew exactly were we needed to go and walked straight to the harry potter park of the park, no one was there, we went on the ride in the castle which was amazing and we were the first ones there, no wait, no lines, it was great. We could of gone on it more times but we decided to hit up the other two rides ( amazing roller coasters) before trying to head back to the castle. This was definitely the right decision because again there were no lines and we went on all the rides without much wait at all. However, by the time we were done with the 3 rides the park was actually getting pretty busy and the wait at the castle at before 9a was an hour. We decided to just walk around and go into all the shops, the wand shop, the candy store, everything. Disney World spared no expense when they built this exhibit, it was truly worth all the hype.

Even though the exhibit was amazing there is no way I would of waited 4 hours for the simulator ride or waited 3hrs to go into Oleandor's to see if a wand chose me, with 4 little kids. With no option of a fast pass for the rides the only way to do this park is to go on the early hour day during the middle of the week and get it all done by 9:15a and don't go back. Take lots of pictures and get your fill because it is wayyyyyyyy to crowded and busy if you don't do it this way.

Now if you bring your kids to this Park, I mean Universal and Islands of Adventure and Harry Potter do know that the height requirements for most of the rides is over 52 inches, make sure you check all the height requirements for rides for your kids before you build up the ride to them and realize they can't go on. I believe the castle ride at Harry Potter is only 44 inches but everything else is 52 and above so either wait till your kids are old enough or tall enough before you go to this park.

Mentioning the height thing, this Park is incredible and if your into rides like roller coasters and thrill rides this one is for you. That being said you need to be tall enough, so anyone under the height of 52 inches will not beable to go one most of the rides in both of these parks, so just heed this warning, we waited till this year to go to this park so that at least all 4 of my kids could 90% of the time go on everything.

The best rides are The Hulk, The Mummy, The Red Rocket roller coaster, Dr. Doom, Spiderman, The Mummy, the Movie Set, harry Potter of course. I've never had more fun at a park than Islands of Adventure and Universal it was awesome, I would go back just for this park alone. The price is expensive but absolutely worth it.

Anyhoo, thats it on this park.

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