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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turks and Caicos, bad start, great finish......

Okay, so the trip didn't start off great. We headed out on Monday at 2:30am to get to Logan for a 5:30am flight to Miami with a connection to Turks and Caicos. Well, with the impending snow storm we were scared that we wouldn't get out but our flight was on time and things were looking up. We got on the plane around 5am and about 5:40am they said there was a mechanical problem and we couldn't leave the gate. Well, after about 3hrs and no food or water or even a flight attendant chatting with us they finally told us that they were still fixing the problem. Well, without going into much more detail we were on the plane for 9 1/2 hours with no food and only one beverage given to us. I was pissed, the flight attendants were miserable people and lets just say, a nasty letter is going out to them tomorrow morning. Needless to say, I found out today that the flight attendants at Logan airport for American Airlines are going through a nasty litigation with the airlines themselves and on Tuesday, the 19th they were doing some form of protest at the airport, HMMMMMMMMMMM, I wonder if that had anything to do with how awful they were to us.

Well, the story continues and we landed in Miami at almost 4pm and within 10 minutes of landing my 3yr goes missing. How do you go missing within ten minutes, I have never been so freaked out in my life, I was so scared and I cried, cried. Phil and I running all around the place. Finally a women said they found him and I fell to the ground in the airport weeping, it took me about 10 minutes to compose myself and literally take off running to see him. I hate airports they scare me for so many reasons, all he was doing was standing 20feet away looking at the airplanes and I couldn't find him. I hope that never happens again.

The third part of our lousy first day of vacation was our connecting flight which was rescheduled several times was delayed for about 1 1/2hrs so we eventually got to our Hotel at 10pm or so, time for bed and a quick drink. Good lord.

Anyway, the rest of the trip was awesome, the weather, the swimming, the kids played great, the beach, the pools, the fresh fruit and vegetables, the sun, it was awesome, we would definitely go back to Beaches in Turks and Caicos again, hopefully next year.

With regards to working out, except for monday ( due to travel) I was able to stay right on schedule, unfortunately not a ton of structured swimming unless you count snorkeling and playing in the ocean and pool all day with the kids but the running and biking went well and I actually stayed on my diet without too much trouble. Except for some vino at night I still didn't eat any break or starches or bad carbs, just tons of fresh fruit, veggies and water. I don't feel like I deprived myself I'm actually pretty proud of myself.

Anyway, back to the grind tomorrow and the normal routine.

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  1. I studied abroad at TCI, SUCH an amazing place! So glad it all worked out for you and the family!!!! Next time you go, I'll meet you there for some of that vino and snorkling :) xoxo Devan