Preliminary Race Schedule 2015

Black Cat 20 miler March 2015
Boston Marathon April 2015
JCC sprint tri May 2015
B2B bike race/ride June 2015

? Musselman July or Lowell Olympic
? challenge Maine olympic in august
sprint or half September

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A full load.....

So hubby is away playing and mommy is super managing the house and trying to keep everything together, thank goodness its a recovery week with a small duathlon on sunday. Now, I promised coachie I wouldn't bitch or whine but, duathlon's scare me, it takes me out of my comfort zone. With triathlons I know that after the bike I only have to run once and then its over, with a duathlon I have to run twice, are you f-in kidding me, twice, yuck.....I'm not a weak runner, I'm a psychologically weak runner which hinders me in my racing ability. I have to work really hard at telling myself I am a strong runner and that I can do these things since I do them in training. The mental game is hard for me, I will admit that.

So today coachie emails me about a long course duathlon in May and that it will make me strong for IMLP, of course my heart sank in my chest and I started to sweat, but I knew instantly that he is really starting to get, "me", and that he knows that this would be hard for me but he also knows that this would be really good for me both psychologically and physically, he's right. Dammit, he's right, can I say that again, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So I guess I'm going to sign up for the friggin thing, its in NH of all places and its a hilly mother you know what so hopefully I can lose a few pounds before then so the hills aren't so bad for me. Good lord, I think I'm a bit numb about it.

Anyway, I digress, the kids are busy, we have tons of activities at school and on the sporting fields this weekend, a birthday party for my nephew and my race, hopefully we will all be in one piece when daddy gets home sunday night.


  1. Good luck in Wrentham! No Worries! You are a great runner and you will do great! :)

  2. Girl, how do you do it! Pete was away this week in Vegas. I fit in my (much shorter than yours) workouts 4 out of 6 days, but it was a struggle to make sure we made it to the gym. Also i have 3 not 4 kids. What's the secret?

  3. my kids are a bit older than yours and they have school, at least till noon, so I get at least a few hours in the morning. I feel like if you make it part of your daily routine everyday it just happens. Miss you tons.