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Black Cat 20 miler March 2015
Boston Marathon April 2015
JCC sprint tri May 2015
B2B bike race/ride June 2015

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? challenge Maine olympic in august
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Solid training weekend

So with a sick kid on thursday I had to do my 3+ hr long bike ride with 15 minute transition on friday, which ended up being great, however with a track workout and bike on saturday and a 2hr bike f/b a 30 min transition run on sunday it was going to be 3 long days in a row. So this is how it all went.

1. Friday- long 3hr bike, 58 miles, 161 watts average, 180 watts norm watts. 18.5 mph averaged. 48 ounces of water and 1 GU. Felt great, T run was shakey but okay. I was happy with this performance, I wish my speed was a bit faster but considering it was my first outdoor ride since October I was okay with that.

2. Saturday- warm up at the track, 2 miles, neuromuscular activation exercises after f/b 8 x 800's at 5k pace with 2 minutes in between each set, f/b 10 minutes of a cool down. I was able to hold 6:40's-6:50's for all intervals, felt good, could of gone faster, still need to work on my pacing. I'm still trying to understand, 5k pacing but keep it aerobic ( could you explain that to me coachie?-hee, hee). Road my hr ride, just relaxed and enjoyed being outside, didn't use my power tap becasue I didn't care about my numbers.

3. Sunday was Easter so after the Easter bunny arrived and the baskets were open and breakfast was done, kids were dressed I headed out for my 2hr ride. My legs were a bit tired, it was a bit windy but not too bad, I averaged 152 watts for the ride 172 was the norm wattage, avg speed was 18.3 mph. Oh well, it was ok, I was tired. My t-run didn't go well, I felt like my hip flexors were tight, it was hard to get my legs to turnover and I was already breathing hard after 10 minutes. I certainly hope I can run better off my bike in the near future, it was pretty pathetic if you happened to see me on the road. Yikes........

After the workout it was time to cook for 14 people, clean up the house and get ready for Easter dinner. It was a long, fun weekend. This week is a lot of bike volume and a really long run this weekend, we'll see how this 41 year old body holds up, its then a bit of recovery and possible the wrentham duathlon. I'm a bit nervous about duathlon's since swimming isn't involved my little security blanket is removed from the trifecta of sports, I'll be starting from a deficit heading into the bike and will need to crush the bike in order to get some movability on the second run, we'll see, lots to learn, lots to do. I'll keep you posted.

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