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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life never slows down and pictures from Utah...

so today was supposed to be my long ride outside, I was so psyched to finally get outside, however, my oldest son was sick this morning and unable to go to school, right ear pain, sore throat, general aches and pains, you get the deal. So, he was up at 5:16am and feeling yucky so mommy and daddy needed to be with him of course because he was lonely, then daddy leaves for work and everyone else gets up, breakfast, get dressed and off to school.
So my day went like this.

1. off to go to rental car place to check transfer vehicle for my lost wedding band. Yesterday was such a bad day and a long day with everything I had to do I lost my wedding bad.

2. Off to Ira Toyota where I dropped the car off yesterday to check their service area and hopefully my car but unfortunately my car was up on the lift so I have to wait till tomorrow.

3. Go to the YMCA in beverly, the MAC in manchester and check all these places for my ring. My poor son was just reading in the car being so patient.

4. Go food shopping at Shaws

5. Come home clean kitchen from top to bottom, dishes, laundry, and straighten out the bookshelf, put away groceries, make kellen lunch, wait for mother in law to come to sit Kellen so I can pick up Alex at school to go to his doctors appointment in Boston at 1pm.

6. Pick Alex up at school drive to 128 south and guess what, f-in traffic, are you kidding me, I've never seen it so bad. It took 1 1/2 hrs to go from exit 18 to exit 25, I had to call his doctors office twice to make sure they could still take us when we got there.

7. Got to Commonwealth Avenue at 2:30pm for Alex's developmental optometrist appointment and it was 2 hrs long. Very thorough exam, learned a lot, clarified to us that Alex really needed his glasses and that he should start noticing a significant improvement in his focus and strength in his eyes when it comes to school work.

8. Its now 4:45pm have to get Alex dinner, get on the road at 5p and get home at 6:10pm.

9. Get in the house and my husband says, " didn't you know Kellen's ear was getting worse today". Are you kidding, I just got in from being away the past 6 hrs, no-one told me anything and if they did, what the hell am I going to do about it in Boston.

10. So off we go at 6:30pm tonight to the minute clinic at CVS in Beverly, kellen with a low grade temp, right ear pain and a red throat with a ton of white crap in the back. Rapid strep came back negative, little fluid in the ear, will await culture. Its going to be positive I know it, is throat is so gross.

11. I'm finally home and have decided that my 3hr ride isn't going to happen tonight on my trainer at 8pm, so I am going to savor it for tomorrow and enjoy being outside, hubby is home so he can man the ship while I'm out. Then if I'm lucky and my hubby lets me really play I am going to do my swim in the afternoon, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

All in all the last few weeks have been so busy and life just takes crazy turns, kids, work, house, weather, trips, whatever. I was so overwhelmed yesterday and today that all I wanted to do was just crawl away. I'm hoping for things to settle down and not be so crazy. I'm also hoping to find my wedding band, I love that ring my hubby chose for me and it would be devastating to have lost it. I'm sure its all my fault and in all my craziness and being so overextended I wasn't being careful, shame on me. Anyway, I'm going to go to bed right now and hopefully I'll see some of you on the road in the morning.

I hope you like some of the pictures from utah, I'm attaching some of them: My sister in law and my brother in law with the kids in the above picture, I think they were very scared of us by the end of the trip.

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