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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Can you be happy and not happy at the same time?

So today was the Sudbury sprint triathlon, I've done it the last two years and its great fun. Its a 400 yard time trial swim, 7 + mile bike and a 2.3 mile run. The last two years the weather has been really great but today it was 39 degrees at the start and 20-30 mph gusts of wind during the race. It was a lot of contemplation about what to wear on the bike and run. Since it is such a short bike I decided not to wear anything but my swim suit and shorts and man was it cold. I at least left my toe covers on my bike shoes so my bare feet wouldn't get too numbe ( oh well, I tried).

So before I go into my race report I was so excited about meeting a fellow triathlete and blogger, Kim at the race, can we say Greek Goddess, my goodness, and so nice. Its so great to finally be meeting these people that i have been following for a long time on their blogs and all their athletic endeavors. I am so excited I get to race with her again at, " The Patriot" in June, so much fun. I also got to catch up with my friend Keelin, who is also a mom of 4 and is trying to get herself back into kick ass shape and with all her hard work over the last few months she wanted to complete this triathlon today, and boy did she ever, can we say, 17.5mph on the bike with these conditions, and I think thats with just getting in 1 or 2 outdoor rides this year, so sick.

So my race report:
Good pre-race nutrition ( right Kim and Mary) applesauce, whey protein, banana and sport drink. 30 minutes before race a chocholate GU.
Dynamic warm-up done and 15 minutes of running and some laps in the pool. I was #84 to go off I think out of over 500 people, so I had to wait about 15 minutes to go.
I felt pretty good in the water, definitely tried to keep it at tempo pace, no getting my HR out of control, I finished the 400 on my watch at 5:44 and ran to the timing mat at 5:51. God knows how long my transition time was because it was cold out there and trying to get my bike shoes on and helmet in the wind too was a bit difficult, but once I got on my bike it was okay. A few times I felt I was getting blown all around the place but no woman passed me and I passed a ton of men and women on my way to a 20:26 bike split, 2nd overall female bike split. Again it took a bit of time to get my shoes off and my running sneakers so I think my transition time was a bit long, over a minute and a half I'm guessing based on my firm time.
The run was good but again I didn't go balls to the wall, I don't know why, I had a ton in the tank and my legs felt pretty good after 300 yards or so, I don't know why I have a hard time putting myself in the hurt zone, I could of definitely made up more time if I just pushed it a bit more. Oh well.

Overall 44:40, 4th female overall and 2nd in my age group 40-44. First place went to a woman in my age group, no fair.

My unhappy moment came when I figured I was a teeny bit slower this year than last and I knew both my bike and swim were faster and my run was about the same. I'm thinking I spent a bit more time in transitions than I did last year based on the weather and the conditions, I don't know. So I'm happy I did well but not happy I didn't see a PR. Anyway, a good day regardless in the bank and a lot of work ahead to do. I will continue to work on my bricks and get some kickass bike and running in over the next week and a half. I have a long course Duathlon scheduled for May 23rd so I better be in shape for that one.

Anyway, great to finally meet Kim K, and to see my good friend Keelin finish her first triathlon after having 4 kids, happy mothers day to you my friend.


  1. I think an equal showing this year = a PR because of that freakin' wind! IT was CRAZY! Almost blew me off the bike today!

  2. YES, I agree with April. I PR b/c of the wind and cold!!! Great showing today. Congrats! You should be proud and excited! I wish I had been there.. though I must admit I am not a fan of that swim and trying to flip turn under the lane lines? Did Tracey M win it this year? Are the results up? I can't find them...

  3. yes, she beat me by 1 minute, the top 4 were all within 1 1/2 minutes of each other. Unfortunately, she is in my age group as well. Her swim was great, in the 4's. I beat her by over a minute on the bike but she beat me by a minute in the swim. Oh well, I'll keep working.

  4. Oh oh, I can leave comments from my phone. Yay! You are too sweet! It was so friggin great meeting you, you are so cute and speedy and modest! I'm super impressed with you and have no doubt you will get the redemption you deserve at imlp. Can't wait for patriot! (Well, I can cause I'm not really in great shape, but ya know what I mean!)