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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First outdoor bike time trial and so much more fun....

So tonight in all of its rainy and cold glory I set out to do my first Hamilton ECV time trial, approximately 12 miles of some flats and hills and wind and rain. There was only about 24 of us that decided to show up tonight and I think there were only two women, me and someone else. Everyone showed up in the TT bikes, disc wheels, aero helmets and all the gadgets, these guys were the real deal. They talked about sub 25 minutes, 26 mph, yada yada yada, all I wanted to make sure was that I wasn't the last person out there on the course. So here is how it went.

I got there pretty early 5:30p, checked in, got my stuff together and hoped on my trainer to get in a decent warm up. The rain came down here and there, at times it was pretty heavy, the temperature wasn't too bad but I still went with a long sleeve, gloves and booties. Coachie showed up, so amazing, I don't know if he had any other athletes there tonight but to come and support me, are you kidding me, I don't pay the man enough.

Well with a time trial you line up in oder and then you clip in when its your turn and they hold your bike and I was a bit nervous because I said to the guy, " your not going to let me fall right? YOu will give me a little push so I don't fall?" I thought he was going to laugh at me right there but he gave me a little push and I was off. I felt good, the legs felt good, I was very cautious like I usually am in the rain and made sure I took all the corners pretty wide and slowed down a bit ( which is a bummer for the overall speed) but on tired legs this wasn't going to be an all out vomit fest for me. Only 3 guys passed me, #14-16, so not so bad, I think we were separated by 30 seconds. The only problem was I lost complete site of #14 and #15 but I had 16 in my view for most of the rest of the ride so I knew I wasn't doing too bad. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I was lucky #13, dont figure.

Anyway, coach was out on the course, I could see his car at strategic places, he knew I was doing well so he continued to follow me. I was feeling really well, I know I could of pushed harder especially at the beginning of the course, I had a lot at the end but I finished via my bike computer at 29:59 with an overall average speed of 22.6 and the official ECV time was 30:06.

Coach was happy, my overall avg watts was 205, with norm watts at 215, could of and should of been a bit higher but at least its getting better. I'm shooting for high 23's and possible an average speed of 24mph by the end of the season, we'll see. But at least I felt good when I finished, I wasn't completely spent. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the training front I have a 4hr ride tomorrow f/b a 15 minute transition run, a swim on friday with some resistance training and then race day prep on saturday and then the long course duathlon this sunday in Waterville VAlley, NH. We'll see how that goes, don't really know how the running is coming along so this weekend will be interesting.

On the family front we had my son alex's 7th birthday this past weekend, my daughter Shea's dance recital, numerous soccer games, lacrosse games and birthday parties. Life is crazy but its good, really good. I have a great family, amazing friends and coach who is so supportive and really goes above and beyond what his role is, I couldn't be happier in that department. And I'm glad tonight that I'm showing some improvement and making myself and my coach proud. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! YEAH, SPORT IS FUN!!!!!! Now I don't know if I'll be saying that on Sunday but I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Donna, your daughter is a mini-you!! Absolutely adorable!!