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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poor Sportsmanship, In Chess?

So today was my two oldest boy's, Kellen (7) and Alexander (6) first chess tournament. It was so much fun to see the two of them sitting across other children and playing this amazing and most challenging game ( especially for me). My 7 year old gets great pleasure out of telling people how he beat me in only 4 moves ( the Scholars move) of which I knew and still know nothing about, so watching them play today was really exciting. What I didn't like was watching a few children take great pleasure ( when they would beat their opponent) and taunt them and laugh, and at one point make a 6 year old cry. Are you serious, this is Chess for peat sakes and your only 6 years of age. I was looking around for both childrens parents to see if anyone would do anything as well as for their chess coach and no-one did anything. Then I finally saw one of the kids moms come stomping down and found the little boy that made her son cry and continued to yell at him ( seriously yell) until that child started to cry and had to walk away. Eventually that kid came back and apologized to the other boy but hey, what, are we at a Bruins Game.

I saw some of the worst sportsmanship at this chess tournament then I've seen at most sporting events, but what I was most proud of and happy about was that both my boys showed great sportmanship with their opponents and shaking hands at the end of their matches, win or lose and smiling and supporting their teams and friends. It's amazing that at home they kill each other and taunt each other and make each other miserable but when they are outside at an event they acted beautifully and I couldn't of been prouder.

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  1. It shows they have a good role model and when it counts (outside in the world) they remember what you have shown them. As for screaming parents - get a grip people, this is why at high school level parents have to sign good conduct contracts for their kids to play sports.