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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trying a New Sneaker, wish me luck.....

Okay, so here are my glorious feet, bunions and all. If you look at my right foot you will see a great big calus and blisters on the side of the bunion and calus, it sucks. I usually have to put 3 bandaids with tape on my bunion before I run or I get a blood blister, every time I run. Well, I was just getting plain sick of it.

I have been running in Asic Nimbus's for years then two years ago they made their Nimbus too narrow, and because I have bunions, I needed a wider front and a more traditional narrow back on my sneaker, and some flexibility around the bunion site. So I thin went on to wear the Nike Pegasus, another cushion shoe which worked for a while but I can truly say, I've never been happy with any sneaker that I've worn.

Recently I've been seeing a Physical Therapist who is working on my left hip/sciatic problem which is getting better but she also evaluates other things like my foot strike when I run and my blisters and my shoes, and she wasn't happy. Sneakers can and probably have played a big part in my issues with my ineffeciencies when I run and possibly some of my injuries. She prescribed exercises to help with the bunions, different taping options and getting new sneakers, ASAP. I went to my favorite running store and decided to take my friend, Bob's opinion and try the Saucony, "Triumph", its still a cushion shoe but has a little more stability in the heel which my PT thought would be helpful. Well, after two runs, and no bandaids or taping I have gotten no new blisters, no c/o pain and I'm thinking I really like these sneakers. Of course they are new so I'm going to give them time but a new relationship may be brewing for me with the Saucony sneaker, I may be in LOVE.......

On the workout front, I've had a lot of good runs this week, a hard functional threshold run with mile repeats at a 7:30 pace, which I held, I was so psyched. However, today was a measley 8 1/2 mile run and my legs felt like lead. In the past I usually never ran two days in a row, this week I ran 4 days in a row and I felt it. The only good news is that each run was faster then almost any run I did last year even when I felt crappy today. I have so much work to do on this front and I have to build the confidence up that I can be a good runner, its just going to take some time. I also need to run with people who can push me because running alone really stinks. Anyway, I have an easy day tomorrow, only a 3200yd swim and a resistance training workout with my TRX bands. I will keep you guys posted on my sneaker tryouts.

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