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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Power test results are in.......

So this year so far the way I am being tested on the bike is a bit different, last season we did an all out 6min VO2 max set to give us our numbers, however, what coachie and I are finding out is that I can hit really high numbers for short periods of time ( great anaerobic engine) but have a harder time sustaining longer sustainable power numbers ( i.e, 70.3 or ironman watts) so this years testing is a bit different, we did:

A warm up that was about 40 minutes long ( single leg drills, builds and some spin ups) and after a recovery we did:

4 x 5 min of building from low end Vo2 max to hopefully all out by the end of the set ( remember that there is 4 sets to do)

1 1/2 minutes of recovery in between each set only

My average watts for the 4 x 5min ( with a calibrated power tap) was 232 watts. Not bad. What I am excited about is that finally my numbers a more accurate, we are going to work on really building on steady state watts to my threshold watts and holding these numbers for longer periods of time. Our goal is to average 190 watts to 200 watts in a 1/2 ironman effort. I believe this is definitely doable for me and a goal that "I" will achieve. Below are my watt ranges if anyone is interested. You guys will keep me honest.

regenerative- <115
Steady State-190-210 ( 35-65 mile effort-75-80% of Max HR)
Tempo-210-220 (20K fast end to 50K slow end TT effort. uncomfortable, 85-90% of max HR)

Low end vo2 max-225
high end vo2 max-260

These are a bit different then the numbers I worked with last year but I believe that they are more honest numbers and by working within the right zones and heart rates and doing the proper workouts to reach my FTP potential I am going to kick some major ass this season.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the nice comment on Mary's blog! I've never trained with a power meter, so all this is interesting reading.