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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should we be cynics?

So my kids had two weeks off from school for the holiday vacation and were due to go back this monday, well low and behold, mysteriously my son and my daughter developed some rare form of a Brazilian Snake sickness or weird Russian snow bug, who the hell knows but one stayed home and the other I got called at 10am. My son stayed home and he played basketball, ran around the house, read, ate like King Kong, what a weird form of the Brazilian Snake sickness he was experiencing, huh?

My daughter said she was experiencing and itchy throat, belly pain and felt like she might throw up and school. Like a good mom I proceeded to school to pick her up, some rare Russian Snow bug I'm sure you contracted from her brother this morning. Well, during the day she perked up like the little miss sunshine that she is, no issues, no problems. I did bring her in to the Doctors just to check out he throat because Strep has been running around and she was negative.

Weird huh, these strange illnesses and bugs going around. Now today, my second son was complaining of some stomach discomfort this morning, no fever, ate two bowls of cereal but he didn't want to go to school. I told him to go to the bathroom and he did, no problems, no diarrhea, no vomiting, he was going to school. Well, 9:48am I get a call from the school nurse saying he was complaining of stomach cramps and was very uncomfortable so off mommy needed to go to pick him up from school. He's home now and after a nice warm bath and a popsickle he's looking mighty chipper, I'm sure this rare bug will be from the middle east or something, something that lasts a mere 2 or 3 hours, we'll have to see, I'll keep you posted.

Here's my issue, are they sick, are they trying to trick me? Am I too cynical? If they were actively throwing up, having diarrhea, had a fever, were lethargic showing me any outwardly signs that they were sick I would have no problems, but they are too young to be faking illnesses to get out of school and all I can say is thank goodness I'm a stay at home mom because I don't know how they do it, who leaves work to pick up the kids when they are sick, I mean this is 3 days after a major vacation, this is crazy. My whole schedule is turned upside down and I wouldn't mind it if I knew they were really sick, I'm just not buying it. We'll see.


  1. They just enjoyed their mommy time soooo much over vacation that they can't 'stomach' the thought of being away from you...consider it a compliment!! ;)

  2. Donna, Natalie comes home sick for at least one day the first week of January every year after Christmas vacation. I just factor it into the routine now! (And it's always b.s. This time, she came home sick Monday - just as I was headed out to run - ate 7 clementines and two chicken breasts, wanted to go to the library, played 5 games of see where I am going!)

  3. hahaha! That always seems to happen to the moms that are totally adored by their children...they want more mom time & adventures! Kainoa does that every now and then and the moms that mentor me always tell me it doesnt last forever, so for now these weird illnesses are just making memories!

    MOST Happy New Year super mom! Take it as a compliment when they want to be home with you, home wont always be so cool to them....