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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back in the Pool......

So I took about 3 weeks off from the pool with basically no swimming and just trying to focus on other things and getting back my desire to swim again. AFter logging 10,000-12,000 yards a week for over 7 months in training for ironman I just needed a break. So today was an easy, get requainted with the pool and not push but get in a good workout day. so it started off like this:

I get to a lane and know right away I have to share a lane which is fine but the guy says to me, " just make sure you don't splash me, okay". I was like, are you serious,dude, your doing walking water aerobics, don't kill me while your at it. Well, after about 10 minutes of sharing a lane he gets out and sits on the bench and waits for another empty lane, he continues to do this in for 10 out for 10 minutes until he gets frustrated that he doesn't get a lane to himself and he decides to leave. Is he serious, these people just piss me off. Anyway, my workout consisted of:

400 warm up freestyle swim
100 yd kick- at an intensive pace, not too easy
12 x50 yard, drill up and stroke count with freestyle back with 15 sec recovery
5 x 100 with fins, drills, 12 kick on side with 3 strokes and switch
3 x 300, on 5 minutes, 100 tempo pace, 50 stroke count, all aerobic
200 cool down
Total 2700 yards, 45 minutes

This was a nice easy way to get me back in the pool without dreading significant speed work and focusing on technique

After my swim I did some resistance training using the new TRX bands and worked pretty hard and then stretched and rolled. I still want to get a little bike in today which I'll fit in while my daughter is doing gymnastics this afternoon.

Anyway, it was great to be back in the pool, ready to start working again, I missed it, so I guess the break was good.

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  1. Splash Guy wouldn't even share that lane with ME before you got there. Glad you had a great swim!