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Black Cat 20 miler March 2015
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Excited for Friends.....

As I was running my 9 mile run today I was thinking of my friend Ali who was running the Larry Robinson 10 miler in Andover. I was supposed to run it this year but with two birthday parties and 4 hours of flag football fun today it just wasn't going to happen. Instead I enjoyed a really good run for me averaging an 8:12 pace for 9 miles and averaging in the 150's for a heart rate. Running is starting to come around for me but with my butt still getting a bit achey, I still need to stretch/roll and strengthen those hip/glutes and hamstrings./ I digress, back to my friend Ali:

Ali ran a 1:09 today in Andover which averages out to a 6:57 per mile pace. She has worked really hard and it showed today, thats just a sick time, a time I will probably never see in my life but I will continue to work to get close. She is in her twenties and she has such a bright future in sport that I envy her road ahead. I am also so psyched that she has taken up triathlons and I believe she is going to take the tri world by storm next season, so watch out. So glad she isn't in my age group, wheww........

I also know through friends of a young lady who just competed in Ironman Florida yesterday and did a 11hr 30 minute ironman, a PR of well over an hour. Her marathon was sick too, 4hr 5minutes I think, who does that. I know through friends she has worked really hard and this absolutely reflects her dedication and hard work, good for her.

So, back to me, my little run of 9 miles, averaging an 8:12 pace doesn't mean much to most but my long runs are getting a bit easier and a bit faster, so I hope that through a gradual increase over the next few months, continued physical therapy and strengthening and a positive outlook, I can really put it together next year. I want to have races where I don't bitch and complain and have no major issue that impacts my performance. If I suck, I suck and I will have plenty of those but what I'm hoping is that I can put together several good races with good times and that running will no longer be my arch enemy. All I can say is, " Bring it on", and thanks ladies for giving me hope that I can get better with more hard work and dedication. Thanks again.

A great week ahead of workouts so lets hope for no sick kids......


  1. A true good sportsman/woman who shares in the joy in others and looks to them as an insperation. I am hoping for a good week for you as well!

  2. Hi! I read your blog occassionally (through links on blogs by Janda and April, etc) so I'm reading along and see your IMFL reference and think, "is that me? Those are my times!!"
    LOL...if it is, THANK YOU for your kind words! Hard work and dedication make ALL of us better all around human-beings! I got so busy training that in my "recovery" I'm finally finding time to read all the blogs I lost track of! Congrats on your 10miler!