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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some hope on the hamstring front......

So for the last almost two years ( off and on) I have always felt that my left hamstring has been tight, after running hard I would find it hard to sit on my left butt cheek, I would have to really roll it out and stretch, adding ice and motrin to my daily routine.

I began Physical Therapy 1 1/2 years ago to help ( which it did) but I feel maybe it really just maintained me from getting worse. After I crashed my bike a ironman Lake Placid this year I knew things were a little off with my running and biking but felt like probably I was just tired, recovering, etc... but after a good 6 weeks of training my hamstring was still the same, no different. I feel everytime I run most of my power comes from my right side ( this can't be good, right?)

So with advice from some of my friends I decided to check out a musculoskeletal Physical Therapists who sort of specializes in Endurance Athletes and well, it really isn't totally my hamstring its other things as well:

In short she said: I have a pelvic shift and hip weakness which is worst on the left side with some degree of nerve impingement causing tightness and pain throughout the hip muscles on the left. I would benefit from deep muscle work around the left hip as well as strengthening and stabilization exercises. I have significant weakness on my left side which has been compensated by my strong right side. I should be free of limitations once we stabilize the pelvis and restore strength to my left hip.

I finally need to break down and get deep tissue massages( the kind that aren't pleasant and sort of hurt) and really get my butt ( no pun intended) and hips strong. I have to do exercises like:
1. Bridges
2. clam shells
3. walking with bands ( also doing a clock rotation with each leg)
4. hip flexor strengthening

this is to be done 2-3x a week, 2-3 reps of 15-25. I will see her twice a week until she feels like things are going in the right direction and I'm also going to get a gait analysis checked out so I can make sure that my mechanics are right so that I am not constantly throwing my pelvis out of alignment. I am going to reassess my running shoes and anything else to make my working out feel better. Now I'm not in terrible pain but with the time and effort I put into working out I just want to make sure I am doing everything I possibly can to keep my body from getting injured and always making sure I train and race to my potential without any limitations.

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  1. That's great Donna! I went through the same thing and once it all got worked out I found that a couple of hip exercises to maintain hip stabilization and regular (3 weeks) massage keeps it all in line. While I still notice that something' a little off, I don't have any injury issues anymore!! I hope it works out as well for you! Good luck. :)