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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hard $#@$%^&% class, that's all I have to say.

So this morning at 6am we had our normal bike class from hell with coachie. Both Bob and I decided we would sign on for 4 more weeks of hell just because. Little did I realize that today was a day I should of just slept in. It wasn't that I was tired it was just it was really hard and with the jump in watts it made it harder. Here it is:
for the record I spun an extra 25 minutes before the class even started because I had to ride a bit longer today.

W/u- 25 minutes
single leg drills at intensive watts ( 150) 30 seconds one leg, 30 seconds both, x 4
ramp up from steady state watts to low end of vo2 max ( 180-260)

4 x 15 second spin ups ( high cadence and goal to get over 500 watts) achieved

Main set:
2 x 2 minutes at 15-20 watts over your 100% Vo2 max watts- so I needed to hold 305-310
2 minute recovery in between the intervals

2 minutes of recovery after 2nd interval

10 minutes broken up into 5 minute segments as:
start at low end of tempo watts with spikes of high end of vo2 max put in there ( 215-220- spikes to 285 watts) then at the 5 minute mark you had to bring your watts to your high end of tempo and every few minutes/seconds coachie would blow his whistle and we had to go above our 100% vo2 max ( that didn't happen- only able to get to 265-270 at that point)

3 minute recovery then:

4 x 1 minute at 20 watts above 100% of your vo2 max ( 305-310 watts)
1 minute of recovery in between intervals

Lets say I made two of them and I called it quits, at 50 seconds into the second interval I dipped below 300 and knew I wouldn't beable to hold my watts for the next two so coachie told me to cool down. I had to go home to the kids anyway but I was done.


Then it was off to home, get the kids ready for school and then go run for 45 minutes and do some resistance training. Lets just say, the run was hard ( more on the legs then the lungs) and I'm plain tuckered out. Heres to hoping for a good recovery overnight because I have a good swim and a long track workout to do in the morning. EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!

Chat later.

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