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Black Cat 20 miler March 2015
Boston Marathon April 2015
JCC sprint tri May 2015
B2B bike race/ride June 2015

? Musselman July or Lowell Olympic
? challenge Maine olympic in august
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vo2 max bike , the results are what they are... just ok

So in short tonight was #2 Vo2 max bike test to see how I have progressed with regards to fitness. I could say a few things:

1. late at night on a thursday after a full week of training
2. home with a very sick kid today
3. not optimal warm up and conditions-due to unforseen circumstances
4. pushing a bike ride on tuesday more than I was supposed to, completely my error, I read the workout wrong, however I felt really strong.

I could say a lot of things but at the end of the day I gave it all I had and the numbers don't lie. I was able to push only 280 watts for the 6 minute all out, which was a slight disappointment to my coach who was hoping for a 285-290 range. All my workouts leading up to tonight should of factored me in for that range so to say I am a bit disappointed is to say the least. I will not make excuses that is what I did and I'm very proud of Joe, Bruce and Julie who put out some sick watts in the same conditions as myself. And I'm hoping my friend Bob crushes the bike test this saturday and brings home some really high numbers. He's going to be someone to watch this year at Lake Placid, here's hoping to breaking 10hrs Bob.

My last vo2 max set I averaged 273, again a bit of a disappointment but coming into tonight I have been really solid so my hopes were pretty high.
At the end of the day I still went up and not down and really my goal is to improve my overall functional threshold numbers which have gone up considerably for ironman and the 70.3 distances. I'm not going into a sprint cycling event anytime soon where I need to crush those kind of watts but it still makes me a little bit sad ( sorry coach, I know the pep talk was great but I can still be wanting for more).

Anyway, at 140lbs ( yes I put that out there for everyone to see) my power to weight ratio isn't too bad and with some good/solid training outside I'm hoping to be cycling really strong, and maybe even try to be a bit competitive.

Anyway, back to the regimen tomorrow, swim/run and then off to Minnesota for a wake and funeral. I'll be missing my spinathon this saturday because of the recent death of one of my dearest friends mothers but I made sure the hotel I am staying in has a gym and I will be on the bike for 3hrs on saturday to honor all the people who pledged their money to me for the fight against diabetes. So thanks again. Then a 1 1/2 run on sunday and back on the plane to watch the oscars sunday night.

See you soon.


  1. Sucks D, but numbers are just numbers and they are dependent on the day. Testing is really important to track changes and progress over the long haul, but remember not to invest too much in any one test's outcome. Fortunately your coach is an artist as much as a scientist and you are assured that your wattages will be dialed in come race day...he knows what you can truly do...

  2. Would it make you feel better to know I can't do over 200w for six minutes? Really! That is where I am right now! (I know I am shorter--but still--your power/weight r. is far superior)
    But I can push 180 for 20 min.... so go figure. WE ARE NOT sprint cyclists--. The VO2 numbers will and should go up, but you are right (I think--I'm no experienced cyclist, as you know) to believe that the functional threshold is more key given our sport specifics.
    I also agree with April. Numbers are numbers--and they are often dependent on the day. Don't let it get you down! You are doing AWESOME! Keep at it!

  3. I'm with Mary...I'm NOT any shorter than you and I'm over 50 watts lower than you for my 6 minute power!!!!

  4. thanks guys, I'm not really that bummed about it but I feel like you work so hard and you always want to see a big jump in improvement instead of a little bump. I'll get over it. I guess I just need a race to see how I'm doing. Thanks for all your support.