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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Utah skiing,strep throat, and........

So we arrived in Utah for some powder skiing this tuesday and there isn't much powder to speak of, but, the weather has been in the 50's and the views couldn't be any better. However, when we arrived on Tuesday within 4 hours I had to bring my daughter to the emergency room because she rapidly developed a high fever and couldn't swallow. She was diagnosed with strep pharyngitis and she was miserable. What was funny was that everyone in the clinic had their legs wrapped up and ice on their knees, arms in slings, head gashes, you could totally tell this was a ski town.   Anyway, after getting her her antibiotics and downing some Motrin we went back to the hotel. She slept but she continued to cry with pain and the tylenol and Motrin weren't holding her. I did all the tricks, lozengers, salt water rinses, spray, nothing was working, finally I begged for some liquid codeine so she could sleep and she did ( for a little while anyway). In the morning Shea and I rested while everyone went skiing and she took a nice long nap, no fever at noon so we decided to go skiing together in the afternoon, she was a different little girl with lots of spunk and energy. She was happy to get out in the sunshine and she was starting to feel better. Thank goodness.

I love the mountains, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, everything that has to do with the outdoors, however, skiing over the last few days has been very different for me. I don't want to hurt myself, stay in control, don't do that jump, stay away from the moguls, weird, I'm not being tentative but I also realize that this is a sport I could get hurt in so 4 months from ironman I'm not jumping off any cliffs this week or climbing up hills to go back country skiing, I'll leave that for Phil. 

With regards to working out besides the pool which is outside and close to 100 degrees, I've been able to get my runs, biking and resistance training in, which requires me to be up before 5am and getting back to the room by 7am, thank goodness for good coffee in the hotel because being on the slopes at 9am and skiing all day requires just a touch of caffeine.

Well, Utah is truly beautiful, Phil and I have been here before without kids a few times and his sister and husband live here so its been wonderful to see them both. We are supposed to get a snow storm tonight which would be great but the sun outside doesn't give me hope. Anyway, a few more days of skiing and then home to Beverly. See you guys soon.

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