Preliminary Race Schedule 2015

Black Cat 20 miler March 2015
Boston Marathon April 2015
JCC sprint tri May 2015
B2B bike race/ride June 2015

? Musselman July or Lowell Olympic
? challenge Maine olympic in august
sprint or half September

Monday, March 1, 2010

What's been going on.....

So before the storm, Thursday night I had my bike class, it was a tough one but I did it. I think that's why I am getting nervous for this Thursday nights vo2 max vomit fest, because I want to hit the watts and I want to be better/fitter than the last time. So the class was simple, it went like this:

warm up ~ 10-15 minutes extensive to intensive zone- 110-145 watts
single leg drills- ~ 5 minutes
3 minute ramp up building from steady state watts to mid range tempo- 175 watts-225-230 watts

Main Set:
4 x 6 minutes as described below, with 2 minutes of recovery in between sets:

1 st: keep at low range tempo watts with 1 1/2 minutes of high end vo2 max watts mixed in. ( low range tempo is 215 watts, Vo2 max 275)

2nd and 3rd set: mid range tempo watts ( 225-230 watts) with 1 1/2 minutes mixed in of mid range vo2 max ( 250-260)

4th: high end tempo ( 235 watts) with 1 1/2 minutes of high end vo2 max ( 275-280)

cool down.

I hit the watts, I definitely worked hard but I did it, max HR was 166. I can't wait to see how all this work pays off outside, I really am focusing this year and want to do well.

The dreams continue with all different outcomes but the one I have all the time is me running well and strong on the second loop of the marathon. Oh please god let that be me, let that be how I feel when I am at mile 16 when its really supposed to hurt and you have to dig deep and find whatever you have to finish the last 10.2. Its finding that race, that perfect race, the swim, the bike, the run, the nutrition, the transitions, everything. The mental game as well is huge, I want it all, is that selfish? Is that realistic? I think so, if you train that way there should be no reason why you shouldn't race that way. My new focus this year was to turn my bike into a strength and my run to be more efficient and strong and to keep the sport fun and exciting and to try to be as positive and mentally strong with every workout as well as with every race. I can do this, I know I can.

Anyway, with my little speal over with, training has been going well, I got to run with a good friend this weekend which was so much fun out in the snow/hail, but we didn't care, I loved chatting with her and just hanging out, it was a great start to my day. Now I am trying to recruit more friends to run with me on my long runs because I miss my friends, I'm hoping I can convince my friend Jess to run with me while she is training for the NYC marathon this fall. We'll see, everyone has their goals of what they want to do and what paces they need to run so hopefully they can all fit into my schedule ( I'm so selfish, I just need + want to be with my friends). I also think its time to take the plunge for the next 2-3 months and get back to masters 1-2x a week, my swims are fine but I'm lonely and pushing out hard sets ( even though I do it) I think I could go faster if I was pushed by other people. I haven't had that chat with hubby yet so we'll see how that goes tomorrow. Morning masters doesn't work because hubby is already gone and its so hard to motivate at 7:15 at night for a hard 4000yd swim. Anyway, lots to think about with race season so close and ironman only a short 5 months away. Gotta run, chat soon.

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